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copyright 2003 Alexander Malmberg <alexander@malmberg.org>

#ifndef Clock_h
#define Clock_h

#include <AppKit/NSControl.h>

@class NSColor;

@interface Clock : NSControl
      NSColor *faceColor,*frameColor,*marksColor,*handsColor,*arcColor,*secHandColor,*dayColor;

      NSImage *_cacheFrame;
      NSImage *_cacheMark;

      float faceTrans;
      BOOL showsArc;
      BOOL showAMPM;
      BOOL shadow;
      BOOL second;

      NSFont *font;

      NSDate *_date;

      NSTimeZone *_timeZone;
      NSTimeInterval _tzv;

      BOOL alarming;
      int numberType;

      /* Calculated values used when drawing. */
      double handsTime,arcStartTime,arcEndTime;
      double radius;
      double base_width;
      NSPoint center;
      BOOL inView;

-(NSColor *) arcColor;
-(void) setArcColor: (NSColor *)c;*/

- (void) setTimeZone:(NSTimeZone *)tz;
- (NSTimeZone *) timeZone;
- (void) setDate:(NSDate *)date;
- (NSDate *) date;

/* move a clock to CSClockView and put these theming method into subclass */

-(NSColor *) marksColor;
-(NSColor *) faceColor;
-(NSColor *) frameColor;
-(NSColor *) handsColor;
-(NSColor *) secondHandColor;
-(BOOL) showAMPM;
-(BOOL) shadow;
-(float) faceTransparency;
-(NSFont *)font;
-(void) setFont:(NSFont *)newfont;

-(int) numberType;
-(void) setNumberType: (int)i;
-(void) setMarksColor: (NSColor *)c;
-(void) setFaceColor: (NSColor *)c;
-(void) setFaceTransparency:(float)v;
-(void) setFrameColor: (NSColor *)c;
-(void) setHandsColor: (NSColor *)c;
-(void) setSecondHandColor: (NSColor *)c;
-(void) setShowAMPM:(BOOL)ampm;
-(void) setShadow:(BOOL)sh;
-(void) setSecond:(BOOL)sh;
-(void) setDayColor: (NSColor *)c;
-(BOOL) second;

-(BOOL) showsArc;
-(void) setShowsArc: (BOOL)s;

-(double) handsTime;
-(void) setHandsTime: (double)time;

-(double) arcStartTime;
-(double) arcEndTime;
-(void) setArcStartTime: (double)time;
-(void) setArcEndTime: (double)time;



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